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Wymondham High Academy

Professional Conduct

Learning Ethos

Sixth Form is the keystone between celebrating GCSE success and driving forward to aspirations for the future through outstanding teaching, learning and opportunities for all. Our Sixth Form students are happy and successful individuals who accept responsibility, demonstrate determination and resilience and act with humility in every aspect of Sixth Form life. Our staff are experts in their subject areas. They support and guide students through their sixth form journey. Students take ownership of their progress throughout their Sixth Form journey by being proactive, reflective and determined learners. They will leave our Sixth Form with excellent academic qualifications and with the skills and knowledge to lead successful lives.

Our full learning ethos is detailed here.

At Wymondham sixth form we are very proud of the learning ethos and behaviour of our pupils. We believe it is vitally important to ensure the students are treated consistently and that they understand the reasons for our rules. As a community we have clear guidelines about what happens when a young person makes the wrong choices.

We take incidents of bullying and breaches of the learning ethos very seriously. 
Any behavioural issues are dealt with by the Head of Year. 

Mr B Pearce - Head of Year 13
[email protected] 

Ms M Heale - Head of Year 12
[email protected] 


Policies you may find useful. 

Anti-Bullying Policy

Drugs Policy 

Dress Code

Peer on peer abuse

Searching and Screening Policy