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Careers - Information for parents


Our wrap-around Sixth Form careers provision  starts even before our students arrive in Year 12, and can continue beyond results at the end of Year 13. We ensure that support and guidance is available to support students in considering the full range of options – from university and apprenticeships to jobs and gap years – and we make no assumptions about where students could or should end up: only that they should work towards career journeys that are fulfilling, satisfying and interesting.

In a typical year around 80% of our leavers attend university the following September, so the guidance below focuses on our university provision. For information on apprenticeships and other options, please see here .

For more information on any question related to destinations, you can contact the following at any point:



Universities and UCAS

One of the most important things students will do over their time with us is apply for a place at University. University places are incredibly competitive, so researching and preparing applications properly, and getting it in early, are the keys to success.

All University and College Applications are processed through UCAS – the University and College Applications System – see what they did there? Clever. But can be a bit of a minefield; students will receive step-by-step guidance through our tutorial programme, but we hope this page helps might get you on the road.

 Why Consider University? 

Timeline - The Application Journey 

Important Dates

Making Choices - How to choose. 

Most Competitive Courses

Student Finance 

Personal Statements





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