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Careers - Information for students

Welcome to your future! Our wrap-around Sixth Form careers provision  starts even before you arrive in Year 12, and can continue beyond results at the end of Year 13 – so rest assured we’ve got your back through the whole process.

We’ll give you support and guidance in considering the full range of options – from university and apprenticeships to jobs and gap years – and we make no assumptions about where you could or should end up – the sky is the limit!

Through our tutorial programme, you’ll get timely advice and close support at every stage. The main tools and sources of information we will use are these:


You’ll get your own account, and by clicking the logo you can sign in from here. Interactive Unifrog guidance sessions are embedded into our destinations programme and delivered by our tutors from the start of Year 12.


You should definitely sign up for the Norfolk Higher Aspirations Scheme – ask Mr Pearce for the sign-up link if you haven’t done so already. You can email him on [email protected]

You should sign up for your own UCAS Hub account – this is a great place to explore your options and sign up for updates.




All our Sixth Form students also have access to a wealth of information and guidance on our Sixth Form Destinations Support team on Microsoft Teams. Keep a sharp eye on alerts for work experience and university tasters, and dig around in the ‘Class materials’ to find guidance on destinations.


All students have access to our annual UCAS guide, which is presented to all students during the course of the year and can be accessed at any point on Teams.


 Other key sources of information can be found on the following sites: 


For more information on any question related to destinations, you can contact the following staff:




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Careers Programme

Timeline - The Application Journey 

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