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Wymondham High Academy

Exam Results

I am proud to lead Wymondham High Academy, and it is my pleasure to introduce the 6th Form. In my years at the school, I have seen the 6th Form develop in many ways; from the increasingly challenging broad and balanced curriculum to opportunities available for extra-curricular activities and community engagement.

We have a strong tradition of outstanding results. In 2019, 78% of our grades were A*-C, 53% were Grade B or above and a nearly a quarter of entries resulted in A*-A.

Performance in sciences is particularly strong, with consistently high results. Highlights include Computer Science & Further Maths (100% A*-C) and Physics (91%).

Additionally, our Humanities & Arts perform consistently well, with 100% of students achieving A*-C in Economics, Politics, Classics, Religious Studies, Fine Art, Textile Design and Drama/Theatre Studies.

Through a specific programme of support, we regularly enable between 5-10 students to achieve places at Oxbridge or medicine/veterinary medicine degrees and 35% of the cohort received an offer from the top third of universities

These results are achieved through determination from all those in the Academy community and places us amongst the very highest performing schools in Norfolk in terms of attainment and the top 11% of schools nationally in terms of progress.

Students, on average, perform 15-20% of a grade higher than would otherwise be expected with their prior attainment. This is something about which we are very proud, but that we do not take for granted.

However, the strengths of our 6th Form lie not just in excellent grades, but in the combination of academic excellence and pastoral support offered. Our entry criteria mirror our high standards as do our expectations of students’ commitment, whether this be the way in which they dress, their attendance or their contribution to Academy community. However, we understand that high expectations in themselves are not sufficient to enable students to move on to the next stage of their lives whether this is university, apprenticeship, college or employment. The pastoral team at Wymondham High Sixth Form genuinely understand and care about the young people for whom they have a deep sense of responsibility; it is an exceptionally caring environment where the students flourish.

As a community, we believe very strongly that the Sixth Form plays an integral part in the life of the Academy. Lower-school pupils look up to the young people as role models, and that is our expectation. I believe that we combine dedicated pastoral support with high academic standards ensuring that our students are prepared for life after school; that they are determined, humble and act responsibly.

Wymondham High Academy is a very special place to study.

Jonathan Rockey [Principal]

Wymondham High Sixth Form Performance Results - Gov.uk

Due to Covid-19 the results for 2019/2020 have not been published. For further information please read the Covid Accountability Document. 

 Covid Accountability