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Wymondham High Academy

Mathematics (Including Further Maths and Core Maths) 


Students taking Core Mathematics will not be taking A-level Mathematics. Students taking A-Level subjects with a high mathematical requirement (e.g. Physics or IT) would not benefit a great deal from the Core Maths course because of the high emphasis on statistics and lack of algebra. However students taking subjects such as Biology, Psychology, Geography, Economics or Business Studies are strongly encouraged to take Core Maths as it will strengthen the skills needed to perform well in these courses and future careers. For the same reasons universities will look favourably on the course. Please note: Some university courses that require A-level Mathematics as a discreet subject. For example Engineering, will not allow Core Mathematics to replace Mathematics as an A-level option. Courses like accountancy vary depending on the university.


Further Mathsematics

The Further Mathematics course is considered to be an extension to the Mathematics A-level course but is designed to be taught alongside the Mathematics syllabus with new topics from the outset.


Year 12 Maths Curriculum Plan

Year 12 Further Maths Curriculum Plan

Year 13 Maths Curriculum Plan

Year 13 Further Maths Curriculum Plan

Year 12 Core Maths