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The Social Sciences curriculum for Sixth Form students at Wymondham High Academy Trust provides a choice of six subjects which challenge, inspire and motivate. Each subject offers students a unique perspective on the world around us and provides students with the skills to apply theories and concepts to the real world. As subjects with external examinations and assessments the precise subject content is governed by the relevant exam board content. However, teachers ensure that this is the basis for the curriculum and does not limit it. The precise exam board chosen is influenced by the specification content, the nature of the assessment and how the specification complements and builds on the knowledge and skills of our Sixth Form students. Our approach is to explain the world around us and therefore enrich student lives. This means that current events, trends and examples are used to underpin the syllabus taught. Importantly none of the subjects require prior knowledge and teachers ensure that first lessons cater for the needs of those with some knowledge at GCSE and those who have started the subjects in Year 12. In addition, A Level teachers take care to ensure there is a strong foundation of knowledge from year one which is developed with the more challenging year two content.


For A Level Psychology, in the Edexcel syllabus there is a balance of theories and concepts, statistical methods and application to case studies. Students therefore gain a deep understanding of the issues and debates within the field of Psychology. For example, the first year acts as a foundation year where the social, cognitive, learning theories and biological topics are taught and applied to real case studies. By the second year of the course, this enables students to review and consolidate the issues and debates of Psychology and also to strengthen their research methods skills. This provides a broader consideration of the skills and issues within the subject and results in a more coherent understanding of the subject as a whole.


Longterm Curriculum Learning Plan - Psychology